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Spring 2017

We seek out the exceptional vignerons of less well known appellations:

We visit and import directly from the winemakers ourselves… We only import wines from those producers with the best working practices and we buy on quality above price. All producers whom we work with are known locally, and beyond, to be among the very best producers of wine in their respective appellations, and all employ a natural yeast ferment.

A natural yeast ferment will, when conducted with skill, greatly amplify the quality of the final wine by maximising the potential of the fruit… The best wines are made from the best grapes, on which naturally occurring yeasts are present. As it has been done for thousands of years, this collection of microbiota metabolise the sugars into alcohol and flavour. The myriad diversity of this population is the hidden hand of terroir and the quality and complexity of the grape’s sugars is their palette. It is not just our belief that a truly unique and complex wine will result from allowing the ferment to proceed naturally… this is a commonly held understanding among all producers and impossible for big batch production.

Kitchen & Vine like to celebrate the winemakers. We choose to supply their wines first and foremost because they are so tasty, but also, because, when you visit them, you can see exactly why they are so tasty. These people actually throw their passion into each and every bottle!  Everything about them is hard work in the vineyard to sculpt exceptionally healthy and clean fruit – the best the vintage will allow. And in the winery, a gentle touch, nothing more than a choice of style… zero additives!


Honest wines / natural wines / just fermented fruit!